Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I think eskimos are smug.

I should be studying for the chemistry test. Seven days. No, 6 days, 17 hours, 29 minutes. A giant red countdown clock would probaby help me stay focused and/or give me a bad stomach.

So we applied for the apartment in Red Bank. Very nice place, and only a half mile walk to the heart of Broad St, which, if you know Red Bank, is a damn good location. I might feel very poor there in comparison to the locals, but Karen and I will catch up. Now we need some real jobs so we can furnish the damn place.

With the big test looming just a week away, I've found numerous fun things to do other than study. I posted a handful of photos to Deviant Art and the response has been quite positive so far. One person requested one of my shots to be used on the cover of his online magazine. I'm excited. I wouldn't say that I'm 'stoked' though, because I don't use words like 'stoked' to describe anything other than fires that have been recently 'stoked'.

The photography could definitely work its way into a part time business that replaces the part time job. Weddings in New Jersey are a god awful expensive to-do, and photographers seem to be fetching 4-5k. Fucking nuts. Why not offer more selection, great service, and a good product for 2-3k and undercut the hell out of the competition? Wait, would that be Wal-Mart style? I'll have to run that by my moral sensor.

Even more fun is the documentary proposed by Kevin, my brother-in-law. Very interesting idea, it's starting to ferment in my head and come together. Yet another benefit to being married.

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