Monday, October 09, 2006

Can You Smell It?

If there was a weekend, there was home improvement. Karen and I spent the two-day reprieve from work doing, well, more work. Unsatisfied with the pale blue color we initially chose, it was time to replace it with something more fun. After some deliberation we settled on a Ralph Lauren color called Loft. It's a gray that leans toward blue. It's not nearly as drab as it sounds. Coat 1 went on Saturday, coat 2 on Sunday. Looks great. And this brings us to the point of the story. Paint.
Paint smells. Cheap paint smells worse. But, after two days, the smell didn't even register....we even slept in there. After work today, I opened my bedroom door to be knocked down by the smell of fresh paint. The smell was no different, I was.
Has this happened with my family? My friends? Everyone I know is drastically different than they were five years ago; some own houses, have kids, bought fancy cars, got engaged. These gradual changes are noticed, yet not always absorbed. Parents get older, grandparents older than that. Wrinkles deepen and steps slow. The world goes on.
I stand on the precipice of a life changing event. It's going to be brutal, gut wrenching. I can do nothing but move forward with dread in my heart. And when it's over, I'll have no choice but to push on. Now I ask you to step back, smell the paint. Take stock of those in your life, and of those you've lost touch with. Think of them, connect, cherish. Today, do it today...tomorrow comes faster than we think.

Need something to listen to? Check out Half Acre, by Hem. It's the best track I've heard this year. Soulful, moving, touching. Beautifully orchestrated, and the voice of Sally Ellyson is a indelible. Unbelievable.

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toni said...

Ah yes, the wonderful intoxicating smell of paint. I know it well. Sherwin Williams can make any dead dog smile after an hour of blissful inhilations to the tune of Christmas Carols on a warm July day. Oh life....and when you do get beyond the smell, there's always CAULK!!!