Friday, January 28, 2005


My head is light and fluffy and resonating with pain as well. I hate this feeling. Withdrawal. Apparently my mental fortitude is not as strong as I'd like to believe. This is the worst day. The second day is the worst; everybody knows that. Somewhere inside my body is trace amounts of this garbage and it is crying out to be fed. I can end this torture. All it would take is a trip to the nearest vending machine for a bottle of Pepsi.

Yeah, so what, I'm addicted to caffeine. Not even high levels of caffeine like coffee or Red Bull or pills. Just one 16-20oz bottle of that sticky sweet brown magic. It's a damn good thing I'm not trying to kick heroin or meth; I'd be addicted forever. There are people who try to quit smoking or lose weight and they have it far worse than I. I know that. But knowing that does shit for my headache right now.

Weekend is finally here. Not that I'll be able to stop and rest like last weekend (thank you snow-storm), but I won't have to wake up for the other job until 10:30 or so. Which is a marked improvement from 5:45.

Big day coming up. The 6 month anniversary. Hard to believe that I've already been married for half a year. It's flown by. As much as I want to progress and have a house and kids and the whole spread, I'd trade anything to make time slow down. I don't want to miss a single detail.

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