Tuesday, October 26, 2004

So I stay up too late...

My personal goal is to update this thing at least once a day. If typical pattern holds, I'll be on task for two to four weeks before my interest slowly tapers and refocuses on something more interesting like collecting vintage fax machines. I'll be sure to send everyone an invite to the opening of my office machinery museum, most likely run from the garage at my mother-in-law's house. Proper dress will be enforced. No hats.

The wife and I are facing a housing dilemma of semi-serious proportions. We are moving to a new apartment in January. But where? Several factors are greatly impacting this decision. Living in miami would be fun, we did it before, but it's just so far from all the family in Buffalo and New Jersey. I would definitely need another convertible to cruise up and down Collins Ave in Miami Beach (Ocean drive is always a parking lot). Miami always prompts ideas of becoming functionally fluent in spanish so I could ingratiate myself in the real South Florida culture. Not gonna happen. I have more fun abusing my native tongue. And French is more fun.

Okay, so Miami is out. The most logical place would be DC. We LOVE Georgetown, but like all places and things that we love, it's way too fucking expensive. Other areas in the city are fine, but we'll still be dropping something north of $1500 a month for rent. Mass Court is probably the building, pending a visit. Am I becoming a yuppie? Hmm, remind me to swing by the clinic tomorrow and get checked out. After I get the $75 pepper mill from Williams-Sonoma.

This is all compounded by the sensible desire to buy a house and stop wasting money on rent. What is a young couple to do? I already know that she wants to settle in NJ. And I know that she gets what she wants. So why move to DC for two or three years just to move back to NJ? It doesn't make much sense.

It gets worse. If we are saving for a house, why not live outside DC where the rent is considerably cheaper? Because then we'll have to buy another car....which would still be cheaper than rent in the city. Because then I'll already be living in the suburbs and ready for a rubber room. I need the city. I need an urban setting with old movie theaters and small restaurants owned by local people instead of large Dallas based conglomerates. I love the hustle and bustle and noise from honking cars and pissed off people. It feels alive. However, I will admit that I like having a backyard to fall asleep in on a warm spring afternoon. Might not be available in NW DC.

Do other people have these problems? I need a real job. The Astros should have beaten the Cardinals.
Listening to Martin Sexton. You should.
Reading (not this second) A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn.

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