Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Where is my career?

My tenure as a server is nearing its dramatic end. Each day, I grow more and more rude to the tossers who fill my day to day routine. Do they eat out merely in pursuit of filling their desire to subjugate someone to their evil whims? Why are people so fucking unhappy when they eat in a restaurant? I know, the answer might be that the restaurant makes them that way, but I disagree. Joel, Jim Carrey's character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (haven't seen it? you should), mentions the "dining dead." They are a reality. Tonight, I had a couple that didn't speak to each other once in the time that I watched them, which was upwards of 40 minutes. Why spend money to sit in a noisy restaurant and stare at the table?

Helpful tip of the day: when dining out, do not pay with a $100 bill. Just don't do it. In my several years of restaurant experience, I can safely say that people who pay with the big bill....are assholes. It sucks finding enough change and the tip that comes back from it is usually meager. Do yourself a favor, bring a credit card. Nobody is impressed by the Franklin anymore. Stick it in your nephew's birthday card, he'll definitely appreciate it.

I bet that nobody has read this besides me. And that's okay. Just writing it out and seeing it on the web is therapeutic. Being able to use the media for self expression is a good feeling, a powerful feeling. Rupert Murdoch must walk around with the biggest erection.

Writing this started as a way to help spur my motivation to finish my script. Yes, that's right, I'm another screenwriter. Not aspiring screenwriter, mind you, but an actual screenwriter. I'm aspiring to get paid for it. It's all about time management. I'm not efficient in my free time away from work. Mmmm, that needs to be addressed. Just not now...

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