Thursday, April 28, 2005

He Treats Me Like A Rag Doll (4/28)

-Very hard to get out of bed. Finally get up at 6:40 with full knowledge that I need to be in the car at 7:05. Don't doubt the magic...cause I made it. Still had time to pack a lunch.
-Work is work. Lots of phone calls today and steady stream of actual work. I won't bore you with the details.
-Also fielded several phone calls about the secret operation. I'll reveal more about that in a few weeks.
-Starting to get really tingles.

-Afternoon is slow. Hit some golf balls over lunch. My only flurry of activity is a spattering of phone calls at 10 to 5. Typical. Try to clean up the mess and get the hell out.
-Traffic blew, got the train station at 6:20 to pick her up. Make some easy dinner, spaghetti, and we're both hit with phone calls. First I talk to the doctor for a while about new medication and when to come in. Shortly after, Karen gets a friendly call that lasts for over an hour. Don't know who it is. No big deal, I retire to the mac to work on the pages. Take a break at 9 to watch the Apprentice and go straight back after it's over. No great quantity but I was quite pleased with the content. Three or four pages total.
-11:15, give up on the writing and put Kill Bill on the big screen. Watch that until a few minutes before midnight and go to bed. Karen wakes up and reminds me that we forgot to put away the spaghetti...or even clean up. So I take the naked walk into the kitchen to clean up. Life can be pretty glamorous sometimes; standing naked in your kitchen at 12:30 while you scrape dried pasta out of the colander.

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