Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Terrible Tuesday (4/26)

Work is quite slow today so I'm going to get ahead of myself on the Tuesday post. Two posts in two hours, what luck for you.
-Woke up in the early AM as usual for the work. The wife gets up earlier than I do and I always try to stop her, holding her against me in the dark. Eventually she wins out and leaves me there to fight with the cats. Two cats. Both sleep on the bed. The one with the tail sleeps on feet and feet only. Fetish cat. The sans-tail cat (lynx) prefers to sleep between my thighs or between the two of us, establishing her space. I'm constantly throwing her around in my sleep. Annoying.
-Weighed 163 this morning. Woohoo. Three pounds lighter. Those of you who know me probably think I'm nuts. Well, since starting this desk job, I've packed exactly 15 pounds of fat onto my stomach. Just my stomach. Being quite thin everywhere else, I end up looking like a refugee child with bony wrists and a distended stomach. All I need to complete the look is flies on my head and just 70 cents a day. You can help. The problem is my near constant snacking at my desk. Well, the party's over. I'm eating breakfast at home, then at work: an apple, PBJ, and a bag of grapes. After dinner snacking needs to be curtailed, with the exception of the chocolate lava cake which will be gone in day at this rate.
-Karen looked hot as hell in pink pants and a nice black top. Didn't want to leave her at the train station; much rather run home and get those pants off.
-Traffic was slightly below average. Passover is my only guess.
-My stomach is hurting again today. Called the doc, got another appointment for this Friday. I need to do the bloodwork tomorrow, which means I can stay up a little later tonight and sleep a little more than usual tomorrow. The appointment is also well coordinated with my trip to NYC with Kevin to see the Charlie Kaufman / Coen Brothers theater thing in Brooklyn. I'll have a nice afternoon of poking and prodding followed by some real fun.
-The script is coming along...although I'm still missing a critical page of handwritten notes that were displaced during the massive cleaning two weekends ago. Need to find that. Muy importante.

-The rest of the work afternoon went by rather slowly. Hit the road exactly at 5 and raced back to Red Bank to pick up the wife.
-Had to trade in Karen's cell AGAIN. This is the second time it's gone dead since getting the damn thing. Sony Z500A. Mine works fine, no problems. She has had two of them go to shit in four weeks. Worked out though, stopped by Friday's to see Conni while we were in the area. Got her attention by yelling "Hey waitress" which she nearly killed us for. Hadn't seen her in a blue moon; discussed the need to get together and talk about some film projects for the summer.
-Got Jon Bower's number from Conni and called him on the drive home. Chit-chatted about starting a production company from scratch and the best plan to grow it. Definitely need to hang out with Jon more often; he is a very motivating person. Valuable. We spent another 45 minutes talking about which movies he's seen lately and I've missed. Work is getting in the way of all those movies I used to see by myself on Tuesday/Wednesday mornings. Sometimes I really miss school.
-Hit the couch and watched the Tivo'ed Amazing Race. What's amazing is that the old couple, Gretchen and Meredith, are still there. Top four. Unbelievable. They must be exhausted. Strongly pulling for Uchenna and Joyce at this point; Rob and Amber cannot win. Ron and Kelly will not win, because they suck and can't work together. I just don't want Rob and Amber to win...they asked to be on the show and CBS agreed because of the ratings associated. Kinda shameful. This is the only TV show I really want to watch every week, aside from the Simpsons of course. Boston Legal was a great show but has been mysteriously absent for two months now. I'm already wet in the pants for the new Family Guy/American Dad hour...it will make the Desperate Housewives end up on the Tivo end of the stick.
-Karen realizes we need to find the marriage license for going to sleep which is another of our "lost documents". A quick scour produces no license, but I do stumble across my script notes that I was so desperate for the other night. Blessed be the messy.
-After the race, checked the email one last time and hit the sheets.

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