Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Time to play catch up-

Haven't updated in quite a while, which probably disappoints all you readers. Not that there are any readers, but later in life, when people become overly interested in my years of struggle they will flock to the archives in search of insight into my twisted mind. For those of you in the future, I apologize for the massive hole called March/April.

Mom was in town for the weekend so I tried to act entertaining. Karen had to do some accounting work for her old employer in the morning, so I loaded Mom into the car for a quick trip to NYC. Hopped on the parkway and got there in less than an hour. Swung by the WTC site, drove around Central Park pointing out the landmarks and such, and had a quick lunch at Chumley's in the West Village. Back to Red Bank by 6:30 in time for a delicious steak dinner. Had a ribeye, which I'm usually not a fan of (too fatty), and some very tasty mashed potatoes. Mmm, carbs. Not sure exactly what we did Sunday night...might have watched Ray OnDemand...but that might have been Saturday night. It all blends.

-Woke up at the usual un-godliness of 6:00 to get ready for the week ahead. Shave and shower (I hate shaving), and drop Karen at the train station at 7. Hit the parkway and traffic is far less than usual for some reason. Maybe Passover has something to do with it.
-At work I'm greeted with the pile of shit that didn't get taken care of on Friday. It turns out that the rush order I had facilitated all day Friday ended up losing a decent bit of money for the company. The customer changed one little number on their PO and I didn't notice, sending a more expensive Sun server to some bastards that paid for the cheaper model. Ouch. Thankfully it doesn't come out of my pocket, just the salesman.
-Best thing about Monday was finding Kevin Smith's blog. Really sorry that I missed his speaking engagement at the Count Basie at the beginning of the month. Surprised to learn that he doesn't live here anymore. He went Cali like everyone else. I like Red Bank and I hope I can finagle(sp?) a lucrative writing career without having to leave. A quick yahoo yellow pages reveals that the View Askew office is on Broad St in Red Bank (I thought it was in the Galleria).
-I somehow manage to survive the workday, leaving ten minutes early to 'beat the traffic.' Turns out there is no traffic. Passover? I can't figure it out. An hour drive gets done in 35 minutes and I get to wait at the train station for another 20 minutes. Finally the NJ Transit rolls up and gives me back my beautiful wife.
-We bicker for a minute about a phone conversation that we each interpreted differently but seem to make up as we get to the house. Change into the house clothes, pausing in the middle for a quick romp, then heat up some leftovers from the weekend's foodstuffs for dinner. A tomato and mozz crositini from the Front Street Trattoria, half a ribeye, lots of potatoes, and a big piece of chocolate lava cake that Karen whipped up yesterday. Very nice.
-Driving on Broad St I find the View Askew office...next to a Catholic High School.
-Karen conks out in front of the TV and I retire to the cave to work on the script. Can't find the focus but still manage to choke out three pages before bed. Make it under the covers by 11:30 and there are theoretically 6.5 hours of sleep available if I fall asleep right....now.

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