Wednesday, April 27, 2005

'Nother day, 'nother dollar. (4/27)

-Rolled out of bed at 7:00 and put on some pajama pants, take the wife to the train station. Back to bed.
-Plan on getting up at 8:30, over to the lab by 9:15 for the bloodwork, on the parkway by 10 and at my desk by 10:45. Turned off the alarm in my sleep, got up at 9:00, shipped out a few emails to Jon and Andy (Bader) about the upcoming as-yet-undeveloped film project, and finally leave the house at 10:10. Starting behind the ball here.
-The wait at the lab was only 20 minutes this time which is clearly an improvement over last week's hour and a half. Get into the chair and tie off. Remind myself how little the needle hurt last week in an effort to relieve anxiety. The tech is nice enough to ask if I'm going to pass out; I tell her that I'm naturally pale. The first vein yielded no blood. Second try is for vein that is halfway around my elbow, looks far worse. No blood. Rather than pull it out and try again, she decides to play some Galaga on my arm, using the needle that protrudes from my vein as a joystick. Felt lovely.
-After a quick stop at Wawa, I make it to the office at 12:00. Catch up on the work email, trying to finalize plans with Kevin for the show this Friday. Move on to some real work and I realize it looks like a slow day...

-Work was uneventful. The details aren't popping out at me. Probably for the better.
-Drive home was in moderate traffic. Perhaps a lot of the Jews can't afford to go full throttle with the whole Passover thing. At any rate, I make it to the train station right at six in the pouring rain. Park where I always do, in the pickup lane next to the platform. Killed some time reading "Making Movies" by Sidney Lumet. Interesting to read that they built the bank from Dog Day Afternoon in an empty warehouse in Brooklyn so it could be shot with wild walls and still have seamless access to the street. If you've seen the film you'll realize how often this is necessary.
-A train pulled up, but no wife in sight. I figured she was on the next one and resumed reading. But she was on that train. Karen was sitting at the back of the train and got the bright idea that she could save time by going all the way to the front car. She was backwards in her thinking. It's actually the rear-most car that stops in the best spot. What would have been a 20 foot walk under the covered platform turned into a 400m walk in the pouring rain. Thankfully she was able to laugh about it.
-Neither of us felt like cooking (or cleaning up) dinner, so I had a bowl of leftover mashed potatoes and a piece of chocolate cake. Mmmm, good.
-We sat and watched some Dateline special about evil wherein they show an actual exorcism. Quite funny, especially for a guy like me. Karen told me that I was Satan, which I disagree with, although that would make her Mrs Satan...which oddly enough, does make sense. The show digressed into a piece about the religious snake handlers...cuckoo...cuckoo. No fucking way. Not me.
-After the freakshow I bailed out for the warm glow of the Mac. Tried to get moving on the script but Andy Bader was online and I chatted him up for over an hour. Just talked some script points and about a feature film he's shooting this summer back in NC.
-Karen came in at 10 to announce she was sick and off to bed. Checked her temperature and she seemed alright. Apparently her head was pounding and her body was achy...flu like! She passed right out and I got going on the script. Only managed to put down 2-3 pages in between talking to Andy and Jon, but it was some quality stuff.
-Got scared for a minute when Karen began calling for me from the bedroom. Ran in there to see if she was okay but only got gibberish in return. This girl could get up, wash the bathroom sink, prep a dinner salad, check her email, and still be asleep the whole time. I've never known anyone who could operate completely passed out like she can. I left her there speaking in tongues and finished up the writing and conversations. Made it to bed right around midnight.

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