Saturday, August 20, 2005

The New Global Economy (or why Neil Young is screwing with my business)

So we called one of our suppliers regarding a missing shipment. He apologizes, claiming that he is out of stock on the papers we need because Neil Young has bought the world supply. Pardon?

Yes, while I've been taking Mr. Young's advice and rocking in the free world, he has decided that his new album insert should be printed on my rare Nepalese paper. To make this happen, his people have been buying up any and all of it they can find. This leaves small business owners such as myself facing a severe shortage (and I would guess upcoming price hike) in the rare paper market.

Damn the free market!


Rob Lowe said...

So funny how these stars with "causes" get so far removed from the day-to-day that their handlers pull shit like this. And they probably have no clue.

But you'll never make me hate Neil, as long as Live Rust is in my rotation.


Brooks said...

What about Neil Diamond? I'm not that interested in making you hate anyone...but I am always interested in knowing my options.

conni said...

wow thats tremendous =)