Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday Malaise 6/27

-Another weekend, over. Another paradise, lost. While driving home from work last Wednesday I saw a disturbing sight in the water off one of the larger bridges of my commute. Out there, in the channel, were sailboats. And they were sailing. I spend my whole week in a four sided beige hell and some ass-clown is spending the day sailing? Where is the justice? I previously spoke of a blue collar romance, but I'm getting greedier by the minute; I want to spend my days sailing or golfing or spitting on poor people or whatever these rich folk do. I can't beat 'em, so I think I'll join 'em. Now I just need some help on the 'joining' process.

-I forgot to mention this tidbit from the Yankee's game: outside the bleacher entrance (we had real seats, thank you very much), I nearly bumped into a gang of orthodox jewish teenage boys. And they were leaning against the wall and smoking. Does this strike anyone else as hypocritical? You can't eat pork, can't keep meat and milk in the same room, can't flush toilets on holidays, yet sucking down the cancerous tar of North Carolina's finest is kosher? On that logic I would expect to see a group of nuns shooting dice against the outside of Madison Square Garden.

-We took my dad to New York for a quick tour of the city on Saturday afternoon. Did the usual circuit of chinatown, city hall, tribeca, downtown, the village, midtown, upper east side, and central park. Once again I fell madly in love with the West Village and swore that I would live there for some period of my life, even if it's short. Stopped to see Russell and his new abode on W 61st. Small by real standards, but somewhat above average for what he's paying and location. Small problem with the hallways though; at 3-4 feet wide, moving in furniture would be a real bitch. Then again, moving furniture up to the fourth floor without an elevator might suck just as bad. Even though it was upper 90's in the shade, the day was a success.

-Now it's time to swallow my sanity and get through the day. It's like nails on a fucking chalkboard.


mr_g said...

Orthodox Jews can smoke, but they should be rolling their own! I think there may be a kosher brand called Meshuguna Lights, but we don't have it in LA...

Brooks said...

Is that how you spell meshuguna? I've always wondered. Ughh, I'm such goyem.