Friday, June 17, 2005

More Friday

Did I say that I don't like baseball, except at the park? Well the boss just gave me Yankees tickets for next week. Apparently I am aligned with the universe. Let's see how far this will go:

I don't like Ferrai F430's, except in black.

We'll see what happens.

Today's vocab word:
1. Extremely inferior; very bad
2. Unequivocally detestable
3. Deserving a curse
The traffic on my daily commute is execrable.


madman said...

I hope you use your powers wisely. It would be nice to have world peace or a chicken in every pot---but Yankee tickets ain't bad. Enjoy the game!

Brooks said...

Chicken in every pot? Who do I look like, Colonel Sanders? To use the ugly parlance of our times, "I's tryin' to gets mines."
And my driveway is still empty. Sigh...