Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Moribund Monday (6/6)

Jessica is taking Jamie to the airport for us so we do our goodbyes before leaving for work. Traffic is...I'm running out of adjectives to describe my commute....atrocious. Hour and forty-five today.
I quickly make some calls to the landlord about the AC situation and they promise to get someone out today. Around four I get a text message that Jamie's 1:00 flight is still delayed...and she's been on the plane the whole time. They kept taxiing around the airport, returning for fuel, then taxiing some more. I feel quite bad for her.
On the drive home she calls to say that I should come to Philadelphia to pick her up; the flight is canceled. To make things better, Continental made the preemptive announcement that they won't be buying hotel rooms for anyone. The prospect of sleeping in the Philly airport wasn't too enticing. Eventually she gets Continental to buy her a ticket on a direct US Airways flight to Charlotte and things look alright. That flight got delayed a few times but her communiques ended around 8 so it seems to be okay.
Before that I had to pick up the dry cleaning and go to a follw up at the doctor's office (shpilkes in my genecktecessoink). After my errands I crash land at home to recover.
I enjoy Hell's Kitchen and two episodes of Entourage while Karen and I bask in our newly fixed AC. It appears that someone or something cut the control wire on our AC unit. Suspicions are immediately cast upon the downstairs neighbor; unfortunately I don't think she would be that evil. It would be a great character quirk, but it's far-fetched.
The investigation shall commence post haste.

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