Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Weekend Update

Yes, Continental Airlines sucks. My sister's flight was scheduled to land at 5 pm Friday afternoon. Needless to say, she wasn't there until 9:30. The tardiness plus heavy rain nixed our plans to have dinner and explore Philly on a Friday night. The worst part is that her connection, where she was delayed so long, was Newark. Which, as the map proves, is less than 1/3 of the distance we drove to Philadelphia. Bastards.
We showed her around the Shore on Saturday, stopping to have a tasty late lunch at Surf Taco in Point Pleasant. Also managed to walk through the Red Bank Jazz festival. Didn't do a whole Saturday night, watched Shrek 2 in HD (exciting life) and talked for a while.
Sunday was Ellis Island. Very cool, although most of my skyline photos were screwed by haze over the city. Get home and find out it's gotten to over 85 in the house. Both cats are sprawled out on the cool tiles of the kitchen floor. It's time to use the AC. Well, as luck would have it, no AC. Three hours of fiddling (futzing to some of you) with the thermostat did nothing to abate the sweatbox. Hotter than hell. If you turned down the lights, added some sewing machines and unassembled Nike's, we could have made 20 cents for our trouble. Karen kept insisting that the air coming from the vent was getting cooler. I insisted that she was simply sweating more and the moving air was giving her the false hope of refrigeration.
We barely slept as the dark room eclipsed 90 without a trace of a breeze.

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