Friday, May 06, 2005

Fists of Fury Friday (5/06)

-Traffic was delightfully light this morning. How sad is it that the traffic conditions make my daily list of important information? I need a fucking helicopter.
-I was pondering some recent events and their relevance to the process of growing up. Remembering high school and early college, the possibilities seemed endless. I can major in anything I want and I'll easily find a great, high paying job and meet a beautiful, smart, funny girl that will look past my flaws and still love me. I found that girl; the important part is done. But 'growing up' is a gradual process of acquiescence, of reconciling old hopes with new realities. It's time to accept the fact that most people have a job they barely tolerate in order to pay their bills on time. Working in an area you truly love is the enviable exception.
-The second part of said process is setting yourself up for the next goal. We've finished college, we have a job, a place to live, and two cars. Now what? I can either ascend the corporate ladder as fast as possible so I can buy houses and two seat cars for the weekend, or I can look for that career I would love to wake up to. Growing up has been a little rough on me at times, I'll admit, but I'm at the point where I won't settle anymore. I will work harder at achieving the real goals, the subtext of life. Enough growing up, let's have more living.
-As I mentioned, I'm already lucky as hell. I found the girl of my dreams and even got her to marry me. Hopefully she won't realize her mistake. Growing up also entails learning how to function in an adult relationship. It's about building stability and maintaining romance. I still need to shed some of my selfish habits...because I can't lose her. Yeah, she's headstrong, stubborn, far better at debating than me, and hard to handle. More importantly, she makes me laugh. She encourages me to make that dream career happen. She understands that I'm a bit childish and also too uptight. Her smile is like nothing else in this world. I just melt. I try to tell her these things, but I think it's not often enough. Having her wear my ring is my crowning achievement. If having a child is on par with that feeling, I'm in for a great ride. (No, we are not pregnant. This is future tense.) Karen is amazing. I'm lucky to even know her.

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