Monday, May 09, 2005

Sunday's Journey Into Night (5/08)

-Mother's Day. Indeed. Slept in til 10, wasted time around the house, then got cleaned up and rolled over to Kevin and Jenny's for the festivities.
-Just inside the gates at their place, we see a woman in a van looking quite lost. Window down, she held some handwritten directions in her hand. Feeling helpful, I rolled down my window and asked if she needed help finding anything. I didn't get an immediate reply so I calmly let my foot off the brake and rolled away. Park in the loading space at Kevin's building. Here comes our wanderer: this time she speaks and asks if I know where Kevin and Jenny live. What are the odds. Since we were headed to the same place, we offer to carry her bags and escort her upstairs to the party.
-Good get-together; Alec was sleepy but still provided entertainment for all involved.
-Arrive back home at 7 to wind down and finish the laundry, which I am not allowed to do on my own. Quickly start feeling worse and worse. Laugh my ass off at the Simpsons and Family Guy. Hope I don't feel so assy in the morning.

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Zach said...

As a newly married and a disgruntled employee I salute you. I work in a bank and we must share the same clientelle. Idiots. Anyway, I enjoy the blog. It's always interesting to hear about peoples lives, even if I don't know them. Does that scare anyone else. Whelp, fight the good fight.