Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wacky Wednesday (5/4)

-Ahh, el cuatro de Mayo. I spelled cuatro right this time. Years of Audi ads led me to believe that quattro was 4 in Spanish; turns out it's just all wheel drive.
-Driving to work, I heard an interview with Orlando Bloom (promoting Kingdom of Heaven) on Z100. They cut straight to commercial afterward, so I jumped to 95.5 to see what their wacky morning crew was up to. Lo and behold, they were doing an interview with Orlando Bloom! Same questions, same answers. I suddenly felt terrible for Mr. Bloom. Sure, he makes an assload of money, but he has a couple weeks of publicity hell every time he's opening a film. His British manners prevented him from being a twat to them, yet I could hear the desperate subtext to all his words. He sounded just like me when I'm struggling through a conversation with some customer on a Wednesday morning. Speaking of which-

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