Friday, May 20, 2005


-Complete heartbreak. There are a ton of geese in this area because of our proximity to the canals and river. Plenty of wet areas. The geese also like these corporate parks because of the large drainage areas, expansive lawns and man made ponds to explore.
-The eggs hatched sometime in April and I've been watching three different geese families with their yellow/brown fuzzy goslings. So cute. Normally, when the geese cross the road with their babies, usually one adult in front and one keeping up the rear, people in cars stop and wait. Not yesterday. I saw one of my families when I came back from lunch.
-Leaving work three hours later, I see that someone didn't stop...and they ran over 4 baby geese. Fucked up. I can only hope it was an accident and the person who did this is hating themself.

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