Monday, May 16, 2005

Sunday of Note

-The wife wakes me at the ungodly hour of 8:00 so I can take her out to breakfast. Sleepy eyed, I navigate us over to the diner and we get a table almost instantly. Trust me, this is a small miracle.
-I order an apple juice. A small apple juice. Karen rolls her eyes and complains that I should just get the large for thirty cents more. I reply that it's not the price, it's the quantity. Why should I pay for more juice than I want?
-I see the waiter coming with an OJ and apple juice. He stops at the table of these two goth kids and puts down the apple juice. They look at it but don't touch. The waiter then runs over to drop off the OJ. I quickly remind him that I ordered apple. No problem, he says, as he runs over to the goth kids, switches the apple for orange, and leaves the correct juice on each table. This is wrong. I'm halfway ready to cause a problem but the waiter is running too fast to listen if I did. The goth kid is looking at us, not touching his OJ. I'm looking at him, not touching the apple juice. After a quick evaluation, we are both satisfied that the other did nothing offensive to the juice. I drank it.
-After the diner Karen heads off to her weekend accounting job and I'm left to my own devices. She did remind me that her mother was coming for dinner at 4 and we needed to clean the house. After she gives me the list to do, she goes, and I start playing with photoshop.
-Some mix-up at work had Karen back in an hour. Wasted gas, but oh well. She sees that I've done nothing so I abandon the photoshop fun and start cleaning. Four hours later, we've got the house in great shape. I'm not going to wasn't easy.
-Meg comes over for dinner and we all have a good meal. Steak with asparagus and fresh mashed potatoes. How American. I do the dishes while Meg and Karen debate the best approach to Monday's meeting (Karen thing, not me).
-After Meg leaves we settle into the season finale of the Simpsons. Also watch Housewives and then the Tivo'd Family Guy and American Dad.

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