Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sleeping it off (4/30)

-Sleep way in, finally out of bed at 11 something. Karen is feeling blah about things so I set to cleaning the house. I do this until 3 or so when I have to get ready for a visit to Karen's family friend who is giving us a set of really nice china.
-Pick up the dishes and such and get back home at 5 and start making dinner. Karen has baked fresh focacia which is sticking to the pan and driving her crazy. I go to work on the bread and she starts the panini sandwiches. They turn out to be delicious, as expected, and we lay about for an hour or two.
-Meg, mother in law, stops by at 8 and we decide to watch Finding Neverland. Everyone passes out but me. Meg heads home after the movie. Feeling completely uninspired, I check the guide and settle on American Wedding. Nice, mindless fun. Karen passes right out again and I watch the movie.
-In bed at 1 something. Overall, a nice low-key Saturday.

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