Monday, May 16, 2005

Slowcooked Saturday (5/14)

-Having finally put the previous night's problems to bed, Karen and I drove up to Newark to do work the soup kitchen. Didn't want to get up early, but it's only once a month so I'm not bothered. I find myself on hamburger duty, loading and unloading trays of hamburgers into and out of the oven. Greasy work. The semi-cooked burgers are then run out to the grill to be fully done.
-The sun kept shining despite predictions of rain. We served about 300 people, many of which were hustling to make it over from the other soup kitchen. I suppose you eat when you can.
-Karen desperately wanted me to sample the fare from Queen's pizza in Newark, so after leaving the church we drive around downtown until we find it. Park the car, walk a block, and realize it's closed. Plan B.
-Jump on the highway and head back to the shore. We stopped to visit Kevin and Alec (at 2:00), bringing some substitute chicken cheese steaks to make up for the absent Queen's fare. Jenny is at a baby shower so we sit around talking about a variety of topics.
-Jenny comes home and we commence brainstorming names for the project. Hilarious. We kept each other laughing the whole way through. Karen passes out on the couch and I let her sleep for an hour. We finally head out around 10...8 hours after arriving. The plan was to stay for an hour or two...not ten. Should have known better, getting together with them is always so much fun that everyone drags it out.
-At home, I watch Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle while Karen sleeps on my lap. Fade to black-

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