Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday, the bitch. (5/02)

-Why can't I shake off the cobwebs today? Dragging, mentally behind.
-Just overheard someone say that they were taking the day off because they have to buy a toilet and do some shit. Hopefully the first part won't be delayed...
-It poured like hell on the way home. I tried being a pussy on the gas pedal and managed to average 27.7 mpg. Why is this interesting? I don't know.
-Karen pulls her "walk to the front of the train for some reason" trick again, and is rewarded with an extra long walk in the rain. Silly wife. Love her to death though. We head home, have some simple dinner, and realize we are not leaving the house anytime soon.
-I worked on a few emails, ran a mile on the elliptical while watching Coming to America, talked to Jon about the production company meeting, watched Karen run on the elliptical, and then crashed out on the living room floor with her. My plans for writing were dashed by the impromptu nap. The upshot is that I got plenty of sleep.

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