Monday, May 09, 2005

Sounds Like Somebody Has a Case of the Mondays.

-I love living in Red Bank; it's so alive. There are always plenty of people out walking in town on even a modestly warm night. It's like a vacation town, but we all live here. We can't all buy a house here though. And by we, I mean me.
-In a rare reversal, morning traffic was worse than night traffic. I'd actually prefer it was always like that, because at 6 o'clock, I want to be home, not sitting on 287.
-Work was work was work. Nothing fun. Have to remember the golf clubs for tomorrow. Should be a nice day and we like to lunch at the driving range where we compete on the pitching/putting green. I don't think they invite me anymore because I've won several straight. I also won at darts. This is funny because I'm not some great athlete...just an average schmo who can chip well and throw darts...although not concurrently.
-Didn't do anything else that could be categorized as productive, but hey, it's Monday. I'm going to bed.

You could get your ass kicked for saying something like that.

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