Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday is long

-Not wild, nor weird, nor wacky. Just long.
-Three of my work "peers" were out today so I was alone on the inside team. What fun. What's that dripping off my chin? Oh right, sarcasm.
-I did get invited to lunch which turned out to be a mixed blessing. As the driving arrangments were quickly decided in the parking lot, I was left to ride with the new vendor rep that nobody knows. This is just like being picked last for kickball in third grade. Well I showed you, assholes, I kicked two doubles and a triple and made that diving catch to end the fourth inning...not that I live for playground victories of yesteryear. Or do I? Back on story, I got to take the awkward ride to lunch but managed a better ride back to the office.
-Came home to a house with little food and less money. Improvised dinner of PBJ and some chips and salsa. Then it was off to work on my geology homework (I know, last class ever). I kick ass on the first homework and lab, despite not having the textbook. Assignments will always be due on Wednesdays, meaning that I'll always be doing something Wednesday night. (Here's a hint, it has nothing to do with American Idol).
-Did anyone see Britney's show last night? I sure as fuck didn't, but the highlights were all over the rest of TV land today. What a whore. Not a surprise, but for someone with publicists and agents and managers, she sure has an interesting way of getting her face out there. Note to Britney, we all know that you're a smelly trailer trash hack from the swamps, but we didn't expect you to be the one who provided the video evidence. Why am I talking about this? I should move to England and read good books again. I used to be well read, now I'm just cynical and underpaid.
-Unrelated, the photo gallery is getting ever better: (click title of post)

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