Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday Spectacular Spectacular (5/07)

-Woke up at 9:45 when Karen was leaving. Second day in a row I had a dream that I was a cop. This time I was trying to catch a killer who was going to parties in the function rooms of big hotels. Sounds weird, and it is. I can't explain the inexplicable setting this was in: strange futuristic hotels (shaped like a big pineapple) in which there were many luau type parties going on inside. The killer was into spouting Shakespeare and didn't want to get caught. Oh, I get it, I watched The Ladykillers last night....this was my variation of the Tom Hanks character. This literally just occurred to me.
-The previous dream was disturbing...I'd rather not describe it.
-Anyway, I watched Kill Bill 1 & 2, picked up around the house, did the dishes, and managed to squeeze in a shower. Karen just got home from her weekend accounting gig and we're headed out to choose paint colors. So far so good.

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